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About Me!

I'm a Software Developer, I finished my career on System Engineering in Francisco de Paula de Santander University. I am a pretty fast learner and always interested in learning new technologies. I put my efforts on learning the last trends on Development, and strive to better myself as a developer. I think one of my values is the ability to resolve problems so from the beginning I've been always focused on solving algorithms no matter the languages I used. I like to integrate systems using and creating RESTFul Apis.


I started developing software from 2004 working in several companies, I worked creating modules for Joomla since it was Mambo, then I developed mailing software. I came from hundreds to thousands of emails in a few weeks. It was a moment when it was easy to end blocked for being considered as "spammer" but I found many workarounds and implemented several techniques to make all this amount of emails were delivered on the inbox. It was a big quest but in the end, the client was more than satisfied. After all these experience I built a CRM for ACEF, the system was in charge of all the commercial management and it was a way to control 'sensitive' information. "It was so important to make it from scratch and not to use an application". I have also worked with WordPress, Magento CE and Magento EE, I've been involved in the real estate platforms development, being part in all stages of the project, from basic ideas, structuring, wireframing and development to the stages of creating an open-source API so external developers could inject their own data. I've worked in developing algorithms to process images and PDF files. I've worked with the RED5 platform for streaming audio and video. On the mobile side, I have experience with iOS development with Objective C, I've also worked with dating scripts. Making integration with payment platforms as ADYEN or PayPal, adding modules to be used by marketing areas. Analyzing data from different amounts of profiles and process it to display a different kinds of campaigns and promotional stuff. In the last years, I've been working on NodeJS and all the Javascript